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Deer Jade

DJ, Producer, Life Enthusiast

“I see music as a cosmic connector, a spaceship that can transport us anywhere, anytime.”


Deer Jade's dazzling talent as a DJ and producer has solidly established her on the international scene over the past years. The Swiss and French DJ, producer and born-traveler, who had lived in 10 different cities before the age of 22, is currently playing at the most important festivals and clubs around the world.

Her bouncy-fun-fuelled performances combined with a refreshingly unique musical selection have earned her a growing fanbase and recognition from electronic music critics and tastemakers alike. Her passion and devotion for music transpires from behind the decks, while her bright and elevating productions grasp full attention. 


Deer Jade's signature is characterized by its invigorating power and its heartfelt storytelling as she sprinkles the dancefloor with versatile, groovy and energetic beats based on her wide and various musical interests. Immersed in an explosion of ecstatic feelings and emotions, you will find your feet stomping to the beat, relentlessly dancing like nobody’s watching. 


Deer Jade's warm presence, infectious smile and constant dancing supercharges the atmosphere to galactic levels, embarking us into an hypnotic and transcendental journey.

As a portal to the depths of your soul, her pure and irresistible energy will make you travel through time and space, blurring the lines between our planet earth, the cosmos and our beings, reaching a place where time is none and all is one, the ultimate vibration of unconditional love... Enter the now and awaken to your divinity… 


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